Model Aluminum NASCAR Hauler


Can you imagine the excitement in creating a Model Aluminum NASCAR Hauler from a model semi-trailer kit?

Our small custom metal shop specializes in these unusual challenges and transformations.

This was a multi-week project on a model NASCAR hauler’s exterior shell upgrade.

The model needed a welded reefer unit and a working ramp, and we accomplished both.

Now, the ramp can be raised and lowered by hand or by a battery-powered mechanical drive – just like the real haulers.

In fact, this project included in-person field research.

I’d been trying to see one up close but could never find them at the hours I tried, but on this day, we lucked out.

Unexpectedly, early on a Saturday morning walk with my wife, we spotted a driver and hauler delivering a new car to the Lamborghini dealership.

The driver was friendly and keen about the project and showed me around the hauler and let me take pictures.

He had to move an antique car from the top level to the bottom, so there was plenty of time to watch how everything worked, to study the structure and ask questions.

Complete, But More to Come

Today, after many weeks, the owner of the model came to take it away.

I had been sending him pictures and he’d come by on a weekly basis to see the progress.

The completion of this project is bittersweet for me – as it is not my own model and I enjoyed my client’s weekly visit.

However, I look forward to teaching him in the future.

He wants to build a bigger and fancier unit from scratch.

I love teaching, and model building is in my blood.

So although this project has ended, fortunately, another model of a different kind is on its way!



And Now For Something Bigger

North Vancouver Museum and Archives asked me to restore and conserve a gas-powered model seaplane representing our B.C. coastal air and sea transportation.

It’s got a 6-foot wingspan.

Now that’ll need to be suspended when I’m not working on it.

More on that later.

What Treasures Do You Have In Your Closets?

Keep your eyes out for metal items around your home that can be repaired, restored or repurposed.

Let’s get rid of this throwaway practice and rebuild or build new from what’s already there.

Especially if something has sentimental value.

You’ll be amazed at what you can do when we brainstorm ideas together.

Look at some of the repairs or refurbishing I’ve done for some ideas.

Don’t be shy.

All questions are good questions.

And if you like this blog, please share it.

That’s always helpful.


Donald Dawson

Donald Dawson is a Vancouver expert engineering technician, blacksmith, welder and machinist with over 35 years’ experience in machining, fabricating, designing, innovating, educating and research. He provides customized services and workshops and is insured and licensed.

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