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Custom Metal Fabrication

We never know who will come through the door and with what requests. There’s no one word to describe what kind of things we build.  For example, Zimt Chocolates, a local chocolatier came to see if we could build her a machine to cut her macaroons when cutting by hand was no longer productive, and luckily, we figured out a way to do it that saved her young business time and money.

Restorations, Modifications and Repairs

Though we are a custom metal shop, we can also repair other items. You can always ask first, because many of the items we repair are keepsakes that people want to preserve. We never know what will show up, but if you send us a close-up picture of the break or issue, we can often tell whether we can repair it. But at other times, we need to see the material for ourselves and take a closer look. Sometimes we can weld or glue the item, and at other times, it’s something else entirely. For more on repairs and restoration, click here.

Museum Restoration & Fabrication 

As a heritage and museum buff, nothing makes Donald Dawson more excited than working with organizations and people who value preserving culture. Working for the curator of The North Vancouver Museum and Archives was a dream come true.


Donald fell in love with blacksmithing and learned from John Smith in Nelson many years ago. Sometimes, he gets to use this form to help his clients get what they want. When Denise Wilson, owner of Bronsino decided to upgrade her offerings, Donald created special metal hammered rings for her custom handbags.

Décor and Art Portfolio

We do artwork especially when we participate in the annual Vancouver Eastside Culture Crawl.  The pieces below were done in our shop, and many are for sale. You’ll notice that we used a technique called forge inflation.  And we love building metal stands for local Vancouver artists. You can see them on our Blacksmithing and Fabrication page.

Repurposing & Modifications

Though you never know what ideas can come, you can bet that creativity knows no bounds. To prove that, look at the Steampunk Saxophone Water Fountain below. If you have heritage pieces, memorabilia or any items that mean something to you, together we can co-create a way to shape them into a new form!  Maybe a collage-sculpture!

 Vancouver Eastside Culture Crawl

2019 Climate Action Weather Vane 

2018 Bicycle Powered Organ Pipes

2017 Exhibit: Th​​​​e Sound of Light

It was an unexpected treat to be selected by a a panel to exhibit this lamp in a local gallery. What a wonderful event that was. And every year, the Crawl is a joy for us to participate in