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Absolutely fantastic metalworking, attention to detail, and customer service. Donald restored a family heirloom meat slicer for us. Pricing was very fair, and communication was very consistent as Donald worked on our project. He also took great pride in giving our entire family a tour of his workshop, full of treasures and stories. Not many people like this around – this is as great as it gets!

~Thad Hughes




Restorations, Modifications & Repairs

North Vancouver Museum & Archives Float Plane Restoration


Fabrication & Blacksmithing


Training & Lessons for Individuals & Industry 

Blacksmith Training At Client Facility

Restoration, Fabrication & Repairs

Donald Dawson is a Vancouver blacksmith fabricator and Electrical Engineering Technician who cares about repairing and restoring your precious items. (Jump to services.)

Getting rid of our throwaway society is our core value. Just because something breaks doesn’t mean it has to go to the trash. If it’s meaningful to you, it qualifies.

Quality machines, mechanical devices, family heirlooms and heritage items may only need rethreading, straightening, polishing or a part fabricated to restore them.

Many valuable items break unintentionally or stop functioning over time. A poorly mounted sculpture crashes to the floor, your cat sweeps a glass ornament to the ground, or your elbow grazes the model Viking boat, and it breaks. Grandmother’s candlestick snaps from metal fatigue, and Mother’s 1904 doll is in parts. A solidly built 40-year-old wood planer needs a small part to restore it to working condition, and the cost of a new one is prohibitive.

If you’re wondering how a Vancouver blacksmith fabricator can do such a variety of things, read about Donald’s extensive training and the 22 years spent at UBC as an Electric Engineering Technician here.

Whatever design or problem you bring, collaboration, relationship, and attention to detail are of utmost importance.

We support and value our collaboration with local Vancouver businesses. Here are a few: Magic Box HobbiesVictoria Lampshade Shop, Edge City Woodworking School and the Museum of North Vancouver (MONOVA).

Blacksmith, Welding & Fabrication Lessons & Training

If you are a beginner, we offer one-on-one individual lessons at the shop. We have taught children aged 6 and adults of any age.

Donald taught at UBC for 22 years and can design programs for educational and industrial settings. If your staff needs a refresher course on blacksmithing, welding or fabricating, click here for more information.

Call or text us at 604-910-6427.

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