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North Vancouver Museum & Archives Float Plane Restoration





Yes, I am a Vancouver blacksmith fabricator and I care about the preservation of your precious items, ones that mean something to you or that were once good machines or devices that may only need a part to restore or repair them.

Getting rid of our throwaway society is a key value of mine, and maybe yours too. Just because something breaks or breaks down, doesn’t mean it has to go to the trash.

So many items fall and break unintentionally. A cat’s tail sweeps your glass fish ornament, an elbow grazes your model Viking boat, grandmother’s candlestick snaps from metal fatigue, mother’s 1914 doll is in parts.

Or a poorly mounted bronze sculpture of a cormorant crashes to the floor, a solidly built 40-year old wood planer needs a small part to restore because the cost of a new one is prohibitive. All these objects had value for their owners.

As a blacksmith fabricator who is also an Electrical Engineering Technician, I build things for practical purposes. Such as a boat’s centre console, a chocolatier’s gang saw, a decorative and removable front door security gate.

Or an all-weather housing unit for the motor of a computer-controlled and air-powered weaving machine. And even a scallop-shaped paver for an outdoor pathway.

And, as a museum buff, a personal favourite – the restoration of a sea plane for the North Vancouver Museum and Archives.

If you’re wondering how a Vancouver blacksmith fabricator can do such a variety of things, I invite you to read about my extensive training as a maker and Electric Engineering Technician here.

Whatever design or problem you bring, our collaboration, personal relationship, and attention to details are of utmost importance.

Blacksmith Training

Does your staff need a refresher course on blacksmithing, welding and fabricating?  I taught at UBC for 22 years and have designed courses for industry. For more information, click here.

Do you have a project you’d like help with? Even if you are a beginner, you will have fun learning. Call me.

Consultation for Your Projects

After a lifetime of experience with metallurgy, welding, fabricating and there are often alternative ways of designing and building that may be more economical than you think. Problem-solving is something I am good at and enjoy.

Send me your pictures and designs – and let’s talk.


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