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 Q:  What are your hours of operations?

A: I am in my studio from 7:30 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Sometimes I may be there longer. But it is always best to call or text.

Q:  Can I just drop in?

A: Please phone or text first. I am a one-man, dog, cat and pony show. I could be out buying supplies or getting coffee and wouldn’t want to miss you.

Q:  What if I can’t come during your hours?

A: We’ll find a time that works for both of us.

What Makes Our Service Different

Q:  How are you different from other fabrication, welding and restoration shops?

A: Our small shop caters to one-off individual projects. Foremost, you will find that I like to take the time to know my clients and their needs. Understanding your project and goals, and getting your input into the design, modification or repair are as important as the end product. That’s how you get excellent results.

I like to keep clients informed at every stage of the process. You can expect me to send you photos as I go along. It’s important that we are both happy with the outcome.

And I also teach. Ask me about it or click here to learn more.

Q:   Do you use environmentally friendly techniques and products?

A: Yes. We use recycled materials whenever possible, minimal quantities of chemicals and we rely on rubbing alcohol and acetone.  For natural finishes we use 100% pure beeswax and waterborne paints. Our motto is Getting Rid of Our Throw Away Society and we mean it!


Q:   How do I begin?

A: You can call to discuss your project or send an email or text and a picture with as much detail as possible. We will then talk and decide how to proceed.

Q:   Can I send you a picture to describe my project or issue?

A: Yes, you can attach a clutter-free picture to an email or text message. 

Q:   What is the best way to indicate measurements?

A: The more detail you provide, the better. Use good handwriting/printing and include as much information as possible on a drawing or a sketch. You can take a photo of your drawing and send it via email or text it.

Q:   Can you give me an estimate or quote once you see the picture & measurements?

A: No. I will not quote on a project based solely on what I see in the picture. Sometimes the reason why the object needs repair or modification is not obvious until inspected. It is always best to bring your project in.

Q:   How long will my project take?

A: How long it takes is never determined by a photograph and depends on the degree of restoration or repair you require. Once I examine the item, I will be able to estimate.

Some projects are more complex than they may appear to you, and I will explain that at the outset. For example, recently a client wanted an heirloom mailbox restored. It had been flattened, retaining none of its shape. With only one point of access to the inside of the box, it required me to create offset tooling to reach the corners. The mailbox had lettering on the outside, so it was also difficult to predict the impact of straightening on the lettering.

Q:   Can I get my project done on the spot – while I wait?

A: It depends on how busy I am and how complex the work is.

Q:   Can I watch you do the work?  

A: At owner’s discretion.

Payment, Personal Information & Deposit

Q:   What do you need to start a project?

A: Your name, company name (if applicable), phone number and email and a deposit.

Q:   Is there a deposit required to start a project?

A: Yes. A deposit of 50% of the total cost or at the discretion of the owner.

Q:   What is the best way to pay for your project?  

A: We accept cash, cheques or e-transfers. Credit card fees would only add to your costs, since we have to charge high transaction fees.

Q:  What is the hourly studio rate?

A: The studio rate is $120.00 per hour.

Q:  Do you charge for estimates?

A: No.

Q:   What happens to the quote if the scope of work changes?

A: I will quote on the project you bring me. If we’ve discussed it thoroughly and agreed to the scope and terms, then there should be no surprises. However, if unforeseen and unpreventable circumstances occur, we will discuss it and come up with an updated plan that works for both of us.

Sometimes clients expand their designs when they see what else is possible and we have to add material or time to the project. Sometimes materials respond in ways to heat or treatment that requires us to find a different solution or path. And at other times, we under-estimate the complexity of larger projects, and we simply put our heads together to get your results.

Training & Personal Workshops

Q:   Do you teach metalworking?

A: Yes, I teach in industries and individuals fabricating, blacksmithing and welding and I tailor sessions to suit client needs.

I am insured to teach individual lessons, and workshops for a maximum of 2 people. The fee for private or semi-private classes does not include materials or consumables which are additional costs. The cost is $120 per hour per student.

Much more information here.