I prepared a fun blacksmithing adventure for two young brothers who are enthusiastic students and back for their third artistic blacksmithing lesson. In my lessons, we do more than make nails.


  • Steel


  • Plasma cutting
  • Blacksmithing
  • Welding

I designed an artistic and complex project - a candleholder with four types of leaves, a bowl-shaped base, and a cup with a candleholder. The challenge for the day was to make a candlestick holder that incorporated leaves, a bowl, and a central candle cup with a hollow stem to tie into the cupped base. Rather ambitious, you may think, but these two brothers were up to it. I wanted them engaged with something exciting and complicated that would keep their interest.

Challenging Projects keep their interest 

In addition, I taught them leaf-veining and how to neck down a pipe to narrow it and create the candlestick cup.

I showed them how to weld the parts together. The boys had welded up a bi-float plane and tealight holders in previous lessons. So, welding was not new to them.

The boys were genuinely enthusiastic, full of fun and beans. I knew they were tired and sore by the end of the lesson from hammering - because I was, too.