• Pewter
  • Silicone rubber mold-making compound


  • Casting
  • Gluing

This pewter jewelry box, with its intricate designs, was missing a foot and came in for foot replacement surgery.

Pewter is a very tricky material that melts easily and quickly. Too much heat is often a problem. Even wax candles that drip onto a pewter candlestick holder will destroy the holder.

Unfortunately, many candlesticks have found their way to me, melted by the wax of a candle.

First, I had to create a matching foot. For that, I used silicone as a casting medium to pour a new molten pewter foot.

I also needed to fabricate a new jig. Fixturing jigs hold or affix small parts for silver-soldering, welding, or other processes in which objects need support.

Silver-soldering would not have worked on this project because of the heat. Luckily, glue worked to affix the leg.

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