Personal & Heritage Items Are Worthy of Repair


At our small custom metal shop, we sincerely care about the personal items and other heritage pieces you keep because of special memories.

Items that have history and mean something DO matter.

Often, a repair or refurbishing is minor.

It can be.

At other times, it may mean rebuilding a part.

We’ve had clients who’ve restored a belt buckle, an artist’s horse figure, a letter opener, a match box, and more.

And we’ve had one client who wanted something built in a steampunk style for her daughter’s special birthday – out of her high school practice saxophone.

We made her a water fountain for her deck!

So many items of value that can see the light of day again, or can be repurpose, when we work with you and our great big imaginations.

Collaboration is something we love to do and we do it well.

If you call, or send us a picture, that’s a great starting point for a conversation.

All things metal are fair game for some fun!

There’s never a charge for asking.

Donald Dawson

Donald Dawson is a Vancouver expert engineering technician, blacksmith, welder and machinist with over 35 years’ experience in machining, fabricating, designing, innovating, educating and research. He provides customized services and workshops and is insured and licensed.

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