Vancouver Metal Work Shop 

Metal Fabrication & Repairs


Often, a small metal work shop is exactly what you need to restore an item, fabricate or repair a part, or design something from scratch.  At our shop in East Vancouver, we collaborate with a variety of professionals on all kinds of projects.


We work with woodworkers, furniture makers, home owners, contractors, restoration specialists, interior designers, architects, business ownerscommercial building owners, and artists.

Our personal relationship with clients and attention to the detail of their requirements are part of our core values.

Heritage, Home & Industrial Projects

One Vancouver client with excellent woodworking skills asked us to fabricate the metal parts for stairs, hooks and kitchen shelving for his family’s loft condo suite.


Another woodworker from the local coop brought us his design. We fabricated and machined steel tubes and an angled steel base plate, and finished it with a sanded, polished look to create this angled dining table for a local business.



Restoration, Modification & Repairs

If there’s a machine or object that is no longer functioning, Donald can assess what’s happening and let you know the most straight-forward and cost-effective way of solving the issue.Whether we are troubleshooting, modifying, fabricating, making improvements, repairing or restoring, you can depend on Donald Dawson’s keen mind for solving technical problems.


We delight in restoring precious items like this Downton Abbey-style front entrance doorbell for a heritage home.

Our clients had an old Victorian-era brass bell that needed major refurbishing and parts. They wanted a functional, simple-to-operate doorbell. We create a pulley with thin stainless-steel wire rope, and a sprung pull knob system.



Industrial Projects & Solutions

Businesses come to us when they have unique problems that need a special solution.

The owner of a commercial building came to us when a roof drainpipe burst due to the movement of the pipe from the flow of snow and rainwater drainage.

Flooding damaged expensive materials on two floors of rental spaces.

To counteract the hydraulic pulling and pushing forces, we fabricated a pipe clamp and secured it from further movement, making it seismically sound.

Custom Metal Stabilizing Brackets

Custom Metal Stabilizing Brackets

In another situation, a restoration contractor asked us to fabricate metal brackets to hold glass for a balcony in a high-rise.

The brackets had to satisfy building codes and address the engineer’s concern that the contractor could mount the glass safely, given the height of this balcony.

Custom Metal Brackets

Custom Metal Brackets

Artistic Projects

Artists come to us to design and create specialized stands, mountings and parts for their art.

We fabricated this display stand for a client’s glass art exhibit at the Vancouver International Airport. We welded cupped brackets to vertical posts and to the steel plate, which were then painted matte black.



Unique One-Off Projects

Unique and unusual art and commissioned projects also come our way, like this gothic steampunk art project.

One client required a special birthday gift for her daughter who loved gothic steampunk art. She brought us her daughter’s defunct high school alto saxophone and asked us to create a water fountain for her daughter’s deck. We directed the flow of water down the music staff and fabricated the exact musical notes from the theme song of that old television show, The Addams Family. We worked closely with the client to create a gift to remember.