Restorations – Modifications – Repairs

Our small Vancouver metal shop may be exactly what you need to restore, modify or repair an item or part. It’s only a conversation away.  If there’s a machine or object that is no longer functioning, let’s assess the situation and discuss the most straightforward and cost-effective way of solving the issue. The item you value might still have some life left in it.

Below you will find a museum restoration of a model seaplane, a cormorant wall sculpture, 1637 Sovereign of the Seas model ship, a heritage doll and steam whistles.

Restore Antiques, Heritage & Special Objects

Before you give up on heritage pieces that you care about, let’s problem-solve together. You can save your treasures or create new ones through our custom design, fabrication, modification and repair services.

Do you have memorabilia or mechanical items you would rather restore than throw away? What if you could refurbish rather than replace them? We can assess whether you’ll need a part rebuilt, or a modification to get your items back in working order. We’ll be sure to recommend something for you.

Restoration – Heritage Steam Towboat SS Master & Models

From 2002-2007, I volunteered on the heritage steam towboat SS Master. As Third Engineer, I machined, fabricated and restored the valves, fuel and water pumps, winches, boiler and the triple expansion steam engine. I maintained and operated mechanical devices within the wheelhouse and galley and cooked for and hosted Wooden Boat Society meets.

Restoration & Repair - The SS Master, Heritage Steam Towboat

Restoration & Repair – The SS Master, Heritage Steam Towboat

While working for Lindsay Architectural Models, I restored a mechanical relief map model of a railway in Rogers Pass, Illecillewaet, BC. with a fully functioning train. I machined and fabricated new parts for the mechanism that ran the tiny train via bicycle chain around the mountain through tunnels. It is still at the Rogers Pass Discovery Centre.

Restoration – Steam Whistles

In August 2003, I attended the 8th Annual Celebration of Steam at the BC Forest Discovery Centre in Duncan, B.C. Theresa Badger, head of Education and Curatorial Operations, invited me to present a lecture about the SS Master. In addition, I brought 11 whistles totalling 900 pounds that I restored and operated for the steam-powered whistle-blowing event.



Whether you need something shortened, lengthened, or otherwise redesigned for size, call us to find out how we can help you.


As you can see, the items that we repair are varied. Whether it’s a heritage item or a machine, let’s talk about it


Unique and unusual art and commissioned projects like this gothic steampunk art project also come to our Vancouver custom metal shop.  This client required a special birthday gift. She asked us to create a water fountain for her daughter’s deck with her daughter’s defunct high school alto saxophone.  To make it extra fun, we fabricated the exact musical notes from the theme song of The Addams Family. We worked closely with the client to create a gift to remember.


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