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Heirlooms Capture Stories and Emotions



This stained-glass window is a perfectly imperfect father and son project made in the early 1980s. Many family members enjoyed this heirloom that travelled from Vancouver to Telkwa, BC and a few weeks ago back to me.


Now that it is here, I may give it a gentle restoration to care for the wood frame. I won’t touch the glasswork because nothing has changed, not even the original sag in the lead work.


You see, the small imperfections were purposely done that way. Dad and I didn’t need to make it pristine. We were learning together, creating a beautiful piece and enjoying the process.


Heirlooms are more than mere objects. They’re not old dead things. They capture stories and the emotions of a life. That’s what makes them memorable and precious.


What heirloom do you treasure?


Do you need advice on repairing or restoring something? Send me a picture and let’s talk. I can give you a sense of what can be done, whether you are local to Vancouver or not.


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