Custom Metal Work

Our Vancouver Studio

As a small custom metal work studio in East Vancouver, we specialize in one-off interior design and decor, industrial, commercial, scientific research, heritage, personal and art-related projects. For examples, see our portfolio page

Whether we are designing, fabricating, repairing, restoring, repurposing, or modifying a project, you can count on great results.

Getting Rid of Our Throwaway Society

Our core belief is that more often than we think, we can use items we already own.

You can refurbish rather than replace mechanical items and industrial parts.

Ask us how.

Our Clientele

We collaborate with diverse professionals and individuals in the Vancouver area on all kinds of projects to restore an item, fabricate or repair a part, or design something from scratch or teach individuals and technicians alike how to work with metal.

Furniture makers, interior designers, architects, commercial building owners, home owners, woodworkers, contractors, restoration specialists, business owners, artists, supervisors and employees of public works are a few of the professionals we have helped. 

Your Special Design

When you have a design that you would like to bring to life but are not quite sure how, we work with you to figure it out and get it just right. Slowing down to understand our clients’ needs is at the heart of our work.

Personal connection is something we cherish.

Antiques or Memorabilia to Repurpose or Repair

Do you have memorabilia you would rather restore than throw away?

Before you give up on heritage pieces that you care about, let’s problem-solve together.

The same is true for mechanical items.

What if you could refurbish rather than replace them?

We can assess whether you’ll need a part or a modification to get your items back in working order.

We may be able to rebuild the part or make another recommendation.

Save your treasures or create new ones through our tailor-made design, fabrication, modification and repair services.

Private One-On-One Workshops for Individuals & Industry Training

Would you like to learn blacksmithing or welding or threading –  or some other metal work skill?

Do you have a project you need some hands-on help with and would love to learn so you can keep making stuff?

Find out more about our Vancouver custom metal work training here.

Complimentary Assessments & Consultations

Each customer receives a free consultation and assessment. Whatever the project or challenge, we’ll discuss and evaluate the best solution for you.

Excellent Client Care

We may be small, but our clients and their projects are truly of first importance.

A small metal shop like ours is friendly and approachable, and our considered attention and expertise make it a creative and collaborative experience.

We make working with us simple – whether in person or online.

Send us pictures or designs of projects with measurements and other pertinent information. With that, we can often assess what can be done.

Please call 604-910-6427 before coming to see us. Make sure that we are on site.

Schedule a time to bring your designs, ideas and projects and we’ll will attend to you with utmost patience and a personal touch.