• Scrap metal


  • Plasma-cutting
  • Blacksmithing
  • Welding
A pre-Birthday lesson conversation

People buy blacksmithing lessons for birthdays and I want to make sure they make something they will love. 

We usually meet before they come for their lesson, and I get to know them and what is meaningful to them. That way, we can make something they like and will feel proud of.

choosing a meaningful project

In this case, my client, who liked crows, wondered if we could make a one-bottle wine holder shaped into a crow. I sketched one for him that would hold the bottle in the crow’s beak, and when we got the right design, we began the three-hour process using scrap metal.

Training - Crow Wine Bottle Holder
Full on blacksmithing 

Chris used the plasma cutter and MIG welder during the three hours and learned blacksmithing techniques, including tapering, splitting, forming and texturing metal. We ended the project with polishing.

Final Result

My client, a complete beginner, created a work of art that was both attractive and practical. We had so much fun creating it.

Once home, Chris sent me a picture of the crow in its pride-of-place spot in the warm glow of the room,  ready for the family to serve a fine wine. You can see the picture at the top of the page. 

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