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Creative Solutions To Metal Work and Mechanical Issues

Today’s blog is the very first in a series illustrating the kind of problems my clients bring and the solutions I create for them.

Problem-solving mechanical and metal work issues is my super power.

Some solutions just require passing on skills for clients who want to learn blacksmithing, welding and fabrication.

For that, I offer one-on-one workshops.

Other solutions help our planet’s environment by reusing and repurposing old machinery and equipment.

And some are more whimsical solutions that play a role in entertaining others through metal art work.

I create solutions to your wildest, simplest or seemingly impossible problems.

Fabricated Table Legs

This client needed four 3/8’’ x 4” steel flat bars bent into a large square with welded angled supports.

He asked me not to finish the legs in any manner, including leaving fabrication tool markings.

The client provided the milled heavy timber for the table top.


fabricated metal work table legs


One day, while I was walking by a store front on the way to Granville Island with my wife, I was startled to suddenly come upon the fruits of my labour – fabricated table legs at The Luminous Elephant Arts Studio.

They cater to young people’s art classes and sometimes use the space for adult team building.

That was a rewarding moment, to see these tables go to good use.



fabricated metal work table legs

Donald Dawson

Donald Dawson is a Vancouver expert engineering technician, blacksmith, welder and machinist with over 35 years’ experience in machining, fabricating, designing, innovating, educating and research. He provides customized services and workshops and is insured and licensed.

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