This child's battery-operated car came in for a complete overhaul of the battery system.


  • Battery charging units
  • 3D printed plastic lettering and numbering
  • Wire and connectors


  • Cleaning 
  • Testing
  • Wiring
  • Gluing 

Our client's grandchildren had enjoyed this battery-operated car for a long time before he brought it in. The charger was not working correctly and only lasted 10 minutes or less.

The first step was a thorough cleaning. From there, I saw the first apparent issues—loose wires and corroded connectors, dirty contacts and a charger that could not give and sustain a charge. 

two walking trips to lee's electronics

My wife and I love to take long daily walks, and we don't mind how far they are, especially if we have a goal and destination. Getting to Lee's Electronics is a 12 km or 7.5 miles round trip. However, for this project, we went twice! Yes. 24 km or 15 miles.

The first time, I bought new battery charging units. If required, this car could be wired for a dual motor so that the chargers could switch to 12 volts with the push of a button, but only if I added another electronic relay circuit.

The second time, the specialist measured current, voltage, and ohms, and we listened to the audible clicks of the relay switches. He reassured me that my diagnosis of the relay switches that controlled the lights and motor of the car was correct.

There's no place like Lee's Electronics. They are knowledgeable and answer every difficult question.

finishing touches

Though my client hadn't asked for cosmetic upgrades, I was unhappy with the missing lettering and numbers on the trunk. I sketched what I needed and asked my friend Jamie to create them with his 3D printer. Then, I glued them onto the car.

a test drive

Later, when we were looking for a test driver, I asked Jamie if his daughter might oblige. I needed someone 50 lbs or less. She aced it!  

testing and charging
a special shout out

 Thank you to my friend Jamie Hennessy for providing me with a test pilot and 3D printing. He's also a fantastic chiropractor in Vancouver who has relieved my wife and me from pain at different times over the last 10 years.

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