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Heirlooms Capture Stories and Emotions



This stained-glass window is a perfectly imperfect father and son project made in the early 1980s. Many family members enjoyed this heirloom that travelled from Vancouver to Telkwa, BC and a few weeks ago back to me.


Now that it is here, I may give it a gentle restoration to care for the wood frame. I won’t touch the glasswork because nothing has changed, not even the original sag in the lead work.


You see, the small imperfections were purposely done that way. Dad and I didn’t need to make it pristine. We were learning together, creating a beautiful piece and enjoying the process.


Heirlooms are more than mere objects. They’re not old dead things. They capture stories and the emotions of a life. That’s what makes them memorable and precious.


What heirloom do you treasure?


Do you need advice on repairing or restoring something? Send me a picture and let’s talk. I can give you a sense of what can be done, whether you are local to Vancouver or not.


For more information, visit this page.

Heritage & Other Personal Items Are Worthy of Repair


At our small custom metal shop, we sincerely care about the personal items and other heritage pieces you keep because of special memories.

Heritage items have a history to them and mean something to the people who have kept them.

They DO matter.

Often, a repair or refurbishing is minor.

At other times, it may mean rebuilding a part and that may take more time.

We discuss all of this with you before we begin.

We’ve had clients who’ve restored a belt buckle, an artist’s horse figure, a letter opener, a match box, and more.

The horse figure in the picture above came to us via one of our best collaborators, Wendy at Magic Box Hobbies.

She knows that we can repair many things, having made props at The Arts Club Theatre and other theatre houses.


Heritage and Repurposing Make a Great Combo

And we’ve had one client who wanted something built in a steampunk style for her daughter’s special birthday – out of her high school practice saxophone.

That was a combination of a heritage item and the magic of repurposing.

We made the birthday girl a water fountain for her deck!

Heritage Sax repurposed into a fountain

There are so many items of value that can see the light of day again, or can be repurposed, when we work with you and our endless imaginations.

We’ll talk with you on the phone or by email to figure out what to do with the items you have stored away.

Collaboration is something we love to do and we do it well.

If you call, or send us a picture, that’s a great starting point for a conversation.

All things metal are fair game for some fun!

And there are other objects that also have come in for repair.

The 1904 doll that came in this fall was a great success.

Though it took some time, in the end, it got repaired to working order.

There’s never a charge for asking.